Since the flight team receives little to no financial support from the University, we must rely on fundraising to provide us with the funds necessary to compete. This fundraising is done through several means. One of our largest sources of income is through the sale of SJSU Precision Flight Team T-shirts. In the past, we have had to make multiple runs of the shirts in order to satisfy the large demand.

The team has also received a large amount of money from different organizations and businesses. The Santa Clara Valley Chapter of the 99's has been one of our largest supporters throughout the years. Each year they have set up a fundraising dinner and raffle that has always generated a significant amount of support.

The rest of the money generated for the team comes from the support of local businesses who generously have donated to the team. All donations to the team are now tax deductable as well! If you or your company/business would like more information on donating funds to the team, please e-mail your request to